The best tourist programming and local news, entertainment and much more.

today news

Newscast hosted by Hilyann Croes, with local news. Monday - Friday 7:00 pm

primera plana

Newscast in Spanish by Alejandra Forero with the best of local and international news. Monday - Friday 7:30 pm


An entertainment program with variety in Fashion, gastronomy, places to visit and much more.

Aruba Picante

Are you ready to party ? Aruba Picante brings you the hottest moments on the island, the hottest places for entertainment, the hottest challenges and the latest in daring fashion.
coming soon

Carta Blanca

Get to know the hottest culinary show on the Island! Carta Blanca brings you all the exotic foods of Aruba with Carlos and Valentina . The show will also travel around the world exploring the different culinary traditions while interviewing different celebrities.
coming soon