Setar launches new IPTV service

Setar launches new IPTV service Our local telecommunications company SETAR has introduced its IPTV service to Aruba SETAR is the key player in telecommunications on Aruba, offering the highest Internet speed on the island. In addition to telephony, they offer around 200 channels, including HDTV channels, television series, movies, music, children’s shows, news, sports, and […]

Welcome back to Aruba

Aruba.Tv is pleased to welcome all the visitors who returned to Aruba today, inviting them to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the radiant sun that the island has, while taking preventive health measures.  We are so happy to have you back! Aruba.Tv was present at the Queen Beatrix International Airport covering the landing of our […]

Reasons to Visit Aruba

Reasons to visit Aruba The most beautiful white sandy beaches, the warmth of the local people , the romantic evenings at one of Aruba’s iconic landmarks “El Farro Blanco” , the colorful carnival ….and many more reasons for you and your family to come and enjoy our wonderful Aruba! Our island has all the ingredients […]